Graziano Folata
La pelle della tigre (Tiger Skin) 
curated by Giovanna Manzotti
April 11 - May 28, 2014

Opening Thursday April 10, 7pm


The new solo exhibition for the Galleria Massimodeluca is La pelle della tigre (Tiger Skin) by Graziano Folata, curated by Giovanna Manzotti.

The gallery will host around twenty works, almost all of them previously unseen: sculptures, paintings—even large-scale—which mix traditional media, photographs, signs and unexpected associations of materials or subtle significances. The solo exhibition will display a representative sample of the many techniques the artist consistently explores and experiments with, through his production aimed as much at studying material as the relationship between gesture and form.

«La pelle della tigre is an exploration of the latest stage of Graziano Folata’s research and production, starting with the way he has developed his notion of the artistic nature of working, of experiencing the existing in today’s world» explains Giovanna Manzotti, the curator of the exhibition. «Folata’s approach, the manifestation of a sensory system activated by a visionary motion—a suspension of the vision, a ripping through the ordinary—renews the symbolic and perceptive meaning of the image. It appears like a hint of an inaugural gesture, a coming together of new meanings, which we should subtly grasp. In his sculptures, giving weight to form and bringing the material together in such a decisive way, are constantly found in the aspects linked to feeling things, their possibility of experiencing as constellations of shapes. This is how the conditions of the imagination regenerate and things become possible. The same attitude can be found in his photographic works, which are naturally aligned to the semantics of the plastic approach to material».

The catalogue of the exhibition La pelle della tigre includes critical reviews by Maurizio Guerri, Giovanna Manzotti, Marta Cereda and Marija Rados. Maurizio Guerri’s contribution, an essay on aesthetics, will have a philosophical slant, reflecting on the key themes found in the artist’s work. A critical essay by Giovanna Manzotti will explore Folata’s sculptural production, focusing on the works he produced specially for the exhibition. Marta Cereda, in her capacity as catalogue editor, will deal with the iconography, highlighting the essential categories of the artist’s photography. Marija Rados, curator of Remont, an independent art association in Belgrade, will discuss The Shark Banana, one of the works Folata produced during his stay in Belgrade and whose creation Rados personally followed.