Penzo Fiore


curated by Marina Bastianello


from 7 September to 19 October 2019


opening Saturday 7 September at 6.30 p.m.


The show ILQUARTOSTATO was inspired by an urgent need, that of going back to talk about the obvious or, rather, what seemed to be obvious. For years the habit of contemporary art, and perhaps more in general of contemporary culture, was to avoid explanative and didactic phrases in order to concentrate on a kind of rituality of art that led to reading the illegible, and to becoming increasingly distant from what might seem rhetorical in order to tiptoe in the liminal space between form and concept.


In this show we want to dismantle what has also been our own practice in order to explicitly enter into the points of conflict of the situation today with respect to what has been handed down to us from our collective past. If the point we have always stuck to has been human beings in all their forms and expressions - often observed with a view similar to that of a psychological and mystical analysis, one allowing for the most obvious political sensitivity to be inquired into through the artistic/relational devices that had been undertaken - with this show the two attitudes find a synthesis that aims at obliging the public to enter into the themes proposed. So this is not just about the works with the queries and reverberations that they hope to raise, but it is also a talk that includes such questions and leads them towards a dialogue.


The necessity we feel at the present time is to collectivise the doubts that arise within the couple/duo, just as we have always done with the artistic systems created by now for years, but implicating tangible works more explicitly and energetically into our reasoning. If our art has always been characterised by visions that lead to concretise the urgent existential needs felt in various moments of our history as a duo, in ILQUARTOSTATO the intimate work becomes a political work and a historical view that might give rise to direct questions. The fragility of the human essence, always inquired into as a fertile terrain from which to start for creating solidity, becomes historical and political fragility that is observed, eviscerated, almost screamed in an attempt to receiver answers.


A background is supplied by the Tabularium, an archive of artistic thought and process as they come about; it is made up from the strands of intuition that have led to this show, concretised in ready-made objects, micro-sculptures, sketches and artists’ proofs that are able to convey the duo’s internal work before and during the emergence of the works on show.