The Galleria Massimodeluca has become part of the M9 centre

From 2 December the new headquarters of the gallery and its venue are in the Corte dell’Albero


The first exhibition will be a solo show by Filippo Berta: Sulla retta via

Opening Sunday 2 December 2018 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Until 30 January 2019


The Galleria Massimodeluca has become part of the M9 centre, the largest multimedia museum of the 20th century, a component of an innovative district or urban regeneration in the heart of Mestre.


The headquarters of the Galleria Massimodeluca within the cultural and creativity sector of the M9 retail area, will be the building with the large window directly overlooking the Corte dell’Albero, just a few steps from the entrance to the museum. The gallery will open its exhibition season in the new space with a solo show by Filippo Berta and the documentation of his performance Sulla retta via, made in 2014 (opening on Sunday 2 December 2018 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Until 30 January 2019).


And so the gallery, under the direction of Marina Bastianello, brings to completion a long-term investment consciously begun in 2012 on the mainland and  which, from the very start, was chosen as the strategic venue for the development of a project for contemporary art devoted to the promotion of emerging artists.


This is how Marina Bastianello explains the basic reasons for this choice, one motivated by common objectives: “M9 is an important and ambitious project which I believe in; it is a great gamble for the cultural relaunching of the town, and for me and the Massimodeluca gallery it is time to accept a new challenge in the name of Mestre. M9 is a project with a great media impact and that, with its avant-garde architecture, guarantees immediate and lasting recognition, just as I recognise myself in its mission to be a project devised above all for the new generations; it has international ambitions but is characterised by an exceptional sense of the territory”.


But to speak about the show with which the Massimodeluca gallery is starting off its particular path in M9: Sulla retta via is an action that shows a line of people who move along the foreshore of a deserted beach. Each is concentrated on their own steps in an attempt to follow the transient boundary established by the waves, which create an ephemeral outline where the elements join together and where water and the land are both united and separated in the same moment: the attempt of each individual to make a perfect line along the edge of the waves is, however, an aim that cannot be reached given that the form being searched for continuously breaks up.


In her critical essay for the recent solo show by Berta at the MEF Ettore Fico museum in Turin, held during the Artissima art fair, Claudia Löffelholz wrote: “This state of continuous tensions is at the heart of Filippo Berta’s analysis, one that inquires, through micro-narrations of performances undertaken by ordinary people, into the particular human condition that, in the midst of the restrictions, mechanisms, and dynamics of society, reveals an incompatible dualism, one that is mirrored here. By its highlighting of the tension and the existential abyss deriving from this dualism, with the work of Filippo Berta we approach a search for the causes and conditions of these mutations, but also for the  pinpointing of a deeply human nature”.


As also explains Eugenio Viola "the human tensions are the main subject of his research, for this reason, since from the beginning of his artistic career, Berta centered his work on collaborative projects in which the artist uses other people as a medium. [...] Obviously, this kind of operation makes a shift from the traditional authorial concept in performance, because authorship and authenticity are not bound together anymore as in the ‘historical’ performances from the Seventies, but they are relocated (and renegotiated) to the collective authenticity of the so-called ‘social body’".